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How to Apply Perfume? 8 Secrets to Make Your Scent Long Lasting

How to Apply Perfume 8 Secrets to Make Your Scent Long Lasting

Did you know perfume is the first thing that creates a long-lasting impression when you leave the place? Yes, you read it right! There is no typical science in applying it but everything has some unique technology that makes it more impactful. So, we should be careful and aware of it. Wearing too much fragrance can lead people to irritation and headache. So, what is the right proportion to apply it?


Some people may not have any idea about how to apply perfume because as usual, it seems easy but it’s not. Without any further delay, let’s dive into the blog and learn from and correct our choices by applying fragrance like a pro.

How To Apply Perfumes

Imagine your expensive fragrance fading away its original scent. You will feel disappointed right? Did you just say yes? It is true many people face this issue because they had no idea where to apply perfume and in how much quantity. Well, calm down this blog will cover the issues you are going through. We will share eight secrets to making your scent long-lasting and guide you properly. Make sure you don’t skip any tips. 

1- Apply The Fragrance After The Shower

This is the first tip and the most important one so don’t skip this tip. Right after the shower your body is cleansed and your pores are open so when you apply perfume it stays all day. But make sure that your body is completely dry before spraying the fragrance or the scent.

2- Don’t Spray From Too Closer

We noticed that many people did this mistake but try not to do that again. Spraying from a distance is a good thing if you want to make your fragrance last for the whole day. Spray your scent from 6 inches because it doesn’t make sense as the perfume will move all over the place, and some of it will even fall which is too much waste. If you follow this tip then you will get the best result! For instance, if you hold the bottle any closer you risk over-applying it on the body which leads to skin rash or redness as well. 

3- Don’t Rub Perfume On Your Body 

You’ve probably seen your mother, grandma, or any close relative dabbing scent on their wrists and then rubbing them all over their clothes. Bam! this is the wrong habit and unfortunately, it’s one of the first worst habits we ever learned from elder people. To be honest it is one of the hardest things to break. This habit will cause the fragrance’s top notes to fade and evaporate before they can settle on your skin. This means the specific perfume will fade away its original fragrance. Of course! It is disappointing. So don’t rub any perfume on your body.

4- Spray Your Perfume On Pulse Points

If you are wondering where to apply perfume? Then focus on your pulse points. It means these are some areas where your veins are nearer to your skin. For instance lower part of your wrists, the inner part elbows, the side of your neck, and the back side of your ear lobes. These areas are spotted warm parts of your body that emit extra body heat. This is the reason that diffuses natural scent. 

5- Don’t Forget To Spray On Your Clothes

If you want to smell nice then don’t forget to spray your decent scent on your clothes.  Applying any divine perfume to your clothing is a great way to smell surprisingly amazing all day long. But make sure that it’s not something that can be stained easily little silk. Fragrance interacts with fabrics differently than human skin, so it’ll probably be important to apply any perfume on your shirt to smell fresh. 

6-  Don’t Apply Too Much Perfume

Well, a man’s perfume should indeed be a subtle enhancement to his personality. You already heard the phrase “less is more” and in this situation, it fits. So don’t apply too much perfume on your body because it might be dangerous for your skin and cause irritation. 

7- Change Your Perfume Regularly

Perfumes have their language so be picky when it comes to scents. Don’t stick yourself with one specific scent because when we get used to one fragrance our mind automatically rejected other smells. So, use different perfumes which suit your personality like Define, Fakhama, Hadith, and Gerar. All these perfumes will best options if you love luxury fragrances. Luckily, all these are available at our shop at very reasonable costs.

8- Moisturize Your Skin

Before anything else you need to moisturize your body after showering. This is the most important step to consider when you wonder where to apply perfume because when you apply perfume on moisturized skin it will stay longer and will make you feel confident all day long. 

Final Words

Hopefully, all the doubts regarding how to apply perfume are clear now. Next time when you apply any fragrance you will be confident that you are applying it right. 

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